Food for the Family

And the Million Dollar Question is…

WHAT ARE YOU COOKING TODAY?  Actually what are you cooking this whole week and for the rest of this month?

Is it just me or is this part of being a mother the hardest part.  I was very excited about the idea of cooking for my family when I first got married.  But now that I have a child who depends on my healthy and proportional choices for three meals a day is quite overwhelming.  What’s even more is that I have this responsibility almost everyday for the rest of my life.

I’ve learned how to make Koussa Mahshi, Daoud Bacha, Kafta, Mjaddara, Potato souffle and Pasta with tomato sauce to name a few dishes but I really should expand my repertoire and have options for those days I’m just not in the mood.  I know I’m not the only one as the question of “What are you cooking” is probably the most popular among moms.  And we often get some great ideas by asking other mothers but we don’t know the recipe or can’t remember the recipe they gave us.

So please moms… can you help me make a list of meals to cook?  If we could all list all the meals we regularly cook, I’m sure we could put together a highly beneficial and diverse menu to select from and I’ll make sure to have the list available on the blog for you to access at anytime.  Moreover, if you have a recipe for a great dish you know that you want to share, I would love for you to inbox me and I will share it on the page along with a great thank you from all of us moms 🙂

Let’s begin moms… What did you cook today?

Fill in our menu survey:

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