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Baby’s Birthday Bash

Planning a birthday for your child?  Let us help you get organized with a few helpful tips and links below 🙂  If you’re already a professional in birthdays, then feel free to jump straight to our BIRTHDAY DIRECTORY which are venues, suppliers and other important recommendations made by mothers to help you prepare. We’d also love your feedback.

1.Break out the Checklist


2.  Decide on the Theme:  The first thing to check off your list when planning your little one’s birthday is figure out the THEME! Every other item will revolve around your theme. The older your child, the easier it is to choose the theme as they will probably already have something in mind. But in case you are in need of ideas, the link below is the only source you need to decide with 120 themes to choose from that suit all ages.

3. Decide Location & Timing:

4.Create the Guest List:  Here are a few tips to help you decide on your GUEST LIST:

  • Decide how many children you feel comfortable inviting—does the party venue have a capacity or if you are hosting a house party, how many children do you feel comfortable having in your home?
  • Budget—how much money do you want to spend on the whole event?
  • Create a list of all of your child’s friends from their various activities–school friends, neighborhood friends, etc. Try to spend time going through the list with your child.
  • Talk to your child about the guest list and how to use discretion when talking to classmates about the party.
  • Avoid hurt feelings by mailing invitations or better still send an evite so you can track the RSVP’s.
  • Consider hosting an all-girls or an all-boys party as your child get’s older to cut down your guest list.
  • Host two events–one for friends and another for family members.
  • When sending invitations indicate how many children the invitation is for. Are siblings invited too?
  • Also check out Kid’s Party Etiquette
  • Guest List Template

5. Invitations8 Tips for the Perfect Birthday Invitations

6. Birthday Cake:

Everyone’s favorite part of the birthday is the BIRTHDAY CAKE! That delicious decorative yummy creation that moms spend the most on to get just right!

If you are looking for a design and already have a theme, it would be best to just google your theme (go to images in google and type your theme plus the words “kids cake”… Example: Superman kids cake or princess kids cake.

If you don’t yet know your theme or what you are looking for; go to google images and write “kids birthday cake ideas”. For all you creative moms who want to make the BIRTHDAY CAKE yourself, here’s a wonderful link of 21 delicious and beautiful recipes by Martha Stewart.

7.  Food Menu:

Don’t forget to give us your input of your recommendations of the above either in the comments below or in our BIRTHDAY DIRECTORY.


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