Baby’s First Steps into the World

When my son turned one in January, I decided it’s time to start spreading our wings. There was much controversy about the issue of when to put a baby in garderie when the mom doesn’t work including the following suggestions:

  • Start by 9 – 12 months
  • Start the spring after his first birthday
  • Wait until he can at least walk
  • Skip garderie altogether

So I decided to test the waters with baby classes. I tested out a few classes including sensory, art & music and gym before deciding to enroll him in the gym class. And what a difference!  He’s more curious, attentive, sociable and confident in new situations.  Granted he cried the first few times but by the third time, he was independent and loving it!

As I watch his interests and skills develop so rapidly, I’ve decided to enroll him in a garderie in a few months so my hunt has begun. I’m still not sure what exactly I’m looking for.  But I know I should look for reputation, cleanliness, curriculum, teachers, menu but I’m also going with my intuition.

As a new mom, I would sure appreciate another mom’s feedback on a few questions that I have!

Please click the link to fill the survey:

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