The Adaptation Process

What an emotional week it has been.  I spent a few weeks preparing for my son to enter garderie and preparing myself mentally on this new step we are both taking only to burst out into tears when I saw him crawl to join the other kids.

As of yesterday, we started the nursery suggested adaptation process and now we are on day 2 and I am waiting at a nearby coffee shop.  I’m not sure though if the adaptation process is for my son as much as it is for me.    I’ve spent every waking hour with him for the last 2 years (pregnancy included) catering to his every need and now I’m officially free between 8:00am and 2:30pm.

I actually have a lot of plans but as I sit here preparing for them, my mind is with him.  My phone is placed right beside my laptop in case.  And with a bittersweet sentiment, I look forward to seeing him grow and develop his own beautiful character.  And I will regain mine 🙂

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